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| February 21, 2015 | 11 Comments

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MMA in new England has been a constant hot bed for talented fighters over the past decade. Many teams over the years have been synonymous with the success of the regions popularity in its fighters and their ability to succeed  at the highest level. It all began over 15 years ago with one team properly named, Team Elite. The team now aged and mostly retired veterans was one of the most impressive assembled MMA athletes the area has ever seen. Jorge Rivera, Keith Rockel, Nuri Shakir, Matt Lee, just to name a few are still very involved within the local community now owning their own schools and still giving back considerably, But at one time, together, they were unstoppable. 15 years later we ask the obvious question, who is todays, modern day Team Elite?

Team accomplishments and rankings have only been acknowledged but once a year at the year end awards. Moving forward, we will be Ranking the top ten teams in all of New England. Before we do that, Lets reflect on which team has earned the name “Team of the decade”.

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  1. says:

    if u really want your team to win just erase data history & vote 1000 times like so many did last time. And be sure to have famous people ask for votes on facebook.

  2. Chris Palmquist says:

    I will say one thing. No other gym in MMA has put more guys in the UFC from scratch than Lauzon MMA. I mean guys who walked in on day one and weren’t athletes, could wrestle, couldn’t box, and built them up to the UFC. We don’t have a huge fight team, but a good one.

  3. april says:

  4. Jodi says:

    Lauzon MMA!!!

  5. melina says:

    LAuzon MMA

  6. Bill Mahoney says:

    I didn’t mean conspiracy mulligan. Just that it’s lame.
    Obviously a famous person can put on Twitter to vote for them & they win. not to cast assertions on lauzons. I actually voted for them & only them. And I wouldn’t lie bout that cause I know joe could spend 30 seconds on his computer & check if I’m telling the truth.
    He probably wouldn’t even need a computer n could do it with a calculator n paperclip.

    But seriously—
    Why is there a team of decade in 2015?
    I mean like which decade?

  7. Dan Bonnell says:

    No one is more opinionated of team awards than Bill. I figured this to be a popular topic. That’s why I chose to do a poll on it.

    MassMMA has only been around for 11 years so there is only one decade we can be voting on. Not to mention, most of the teams haven’t been around for a decade.
    I believe you should have been around a decade or close to it to have been considered but I threw a few in there that definitely deserve a mention like Team Bombsquad. In the time they were around, they did some damage and put quite a few people in the bigger shows.
    Like Bill mentions though, there is always a way to beat the polls by just going to social media for votes. That’s why when it comes to the end if the year awards we only count the “popular vote” (vote by poll) as 30% of the actual vote.

  8. jim says:

    could u do this poll again i cant see the results

  9. jim says:

    or make one along the lines of “best gymto start from scratch to get into the ufc”

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