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MASSMMA- The state of Mixed Martial Arts in New England has proven very well this year. Each month we are fortunate to experience either a local or National MMA event within the community.On any given month there may be 2 or three events held on the same month in New England, yet states away from each other. As MassMMA continues to bring the most up to date news, Interviews, fight previews and reviews. It can be of our misfortune that we cannot be in two places at once.

I’d like to extend an open invitation to our readers, officials and fans to become a writer or contributor for MassMMA. Becoming a writer for MassMMA eleven years ago, I still love writing for the site. Over the years, the website has improved it look, built its brand and become the largest website in New England for both local and National MMA news. MassMMA has been fortunate enough to gain relationships with many of the top MMA promotions in the world (Bellator,UFC,WSOF,GLORY,Titan FC, etc) We continue to have a growing relationship with our community and strive to bring the latest information via, print, video, or live production.

Writers and contributors (Video, Interview) of the past and present have been a huge part of the growth of Mixed Martial Arts in New England. Some have brought the very first amateur MMA fights ever to New England, Helped NH adopt the “Unified rules” of MMA. Assisted in Match making for Bellator, Titan FC, Strikeforce, Glory, and WSOF. Become referee’s and officials, MMA judges, and commission members.

On the other end of the spectrum, Some writers have exposed some of the rotten individuals that find their way into our sport and bring trouble, steal, or try to ruin our sport. If not for some of our writers investigative journeys and connections, MMA in the community could be worse off. We have uncovered, pedophiles, rapists, money launderers, animal abusers, batterors, theifs, and liars.

Our writers and contributors have had the opportunity to experience on a regular basis the following ring/Cage side seats to cover events. UFC, Bellator, StrikeForce, WSOF, Titan FC, ROC, Glory, Mussin, WWE, as well as every local MMA event in New England.They have also helped start the New England MMA Hall of Fame and the first ever awards ceremony this past year!

If you are interested in a position with MassMMA, whether it be a writer, Videographer, or contributor. please email Dan Bonnell at  



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  1. Ricardo says:

    “We have uncovered, pedophiles, rapists, money launderers, animal abusers, batterors, theifs, and liars.” Lions, tigers, and rapists, oh my! LOL If only while meeting someone they say” Hey, I’m a huge slime bucket who is going to stiff you on your pay after you fight on my show”, the world would be a much better place

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