Joe Giannetti: Winning is Everything

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Athletics has a way of paring a human down, both physically and mentally. The rigors of training, the fear that gnaws at the belly, and the need to thrive under pressure carve away at the negative essence of a person, leaving them clean of destructive influence and sound of body. This is especially true when faced with defeat time and again. When people find themselves on the losing end of every battle, and the door to exit the scene always at hand, it takes a true warrior to move head-on into the fray and strive for that elusive victory.

Debutting fighter Joe Gianetti had a common path into athletics, being teased for his weight in his youth, and shedding that stigma on the wrestling mats. Having learned his true self through grueling work and finding a fire to compete, he enters the world of MMA seeking to pile up wins.  Joe took some time to speak with us about his path into the sport, and what we can expect in his foray.


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Tell us a bit about your background, and how you got into combat sports and MMA?

Well to be completely honest, I used to be a really fat kid. I got picked on all the time during school and got into a bunch of fights, until my freshman year in high school when I started wrestling. I weighed 230lb at this time, but I loved the grind of the sport. I was a brawler and determined to lose the weight and get better. My school never had a solid program, but by my senior year I had gotten down to 170lbs and my new coach turned out to be a professional fighter! His name is Justin Burril, and he used to tell us a bunch of stories of his fights. One day he brought me down to South shore Sport Fighting and I fell in love immediately.



Tell us about your coaches and training partners?

Well I mean they don’t take it easy on you that’s for sure. When you walk in saying you want to fight, they make sure you know how it feels to fight. As far as coaches go, everyone in there is my coach. The thing that’s different about us is we see everything differently, everyone has a different view on everything, and that helps us be above the competition. Bill Mahoney probably has the most unorthodox/greatest view of the sport than anyone I’ve ever seen.



This is your first fight. What’s going through your head right now?

Getting my hand raised is all I see. I went my entire junior year in wrestling with 0 wins, now just seeing my hand raised is all I think about.


Do you know anything about your opponent? What do you predict?

I know he’s a brawler, and I’m excited about it. Nobody has seen me in there before, so nobody knows I’m there for the same reason; to go to war. I predict we go out, I hit him a few times and he’s going to think “Wow, I need to take him down.” I’m gonna sprawl, let’em up and finish him standing in round one.


Any sponsors you’d like to thank or anyone you want to give a shout out to?

No sponsors, but I do want to thank everybody from SSSF for helping me out day in and day out, and my dad for always doing his best to get us through tough times.


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Come out and watch Joe Gianetti in his debut against Derek Peterson at Cage Titans 20. The event takes place Saturday, August 23rd at the Plymouth Memorial Auditorium in Plymouth, Mass. Visit for the full fight card and ticket information. 




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