In the last ten years, Crossfit has spread all around the world. Training complex earned confidence not only among ordinary people, but also among professional sportsmen, especially boxers. Let’s puzzle out how it influences their fighting results and how it may be useful in box betting.

What is Crossfit itself?

Crossfit, invented by former gymnast Greg Glassman, originated in the city of Santa Cruz, California, on the west coast of the United States. Technically, this method was invented at the Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach and was originally considered as one of the options for a personal training program, aimed primarily at tapping reserves and improving functional status. It was later noticed by sports coaches and began to be actively used to prepare for competitions in various sports.

Actually, this is a circuit workout, which consists of a certain set of exercises, switching in a flash. It is fundamentally different from regular circuit training.

Loads aimed at the development of several physical qualities are used in the complex. In this regard, training in the Crossfit system is usually divided into three components: weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio.

There are no competitive exercises. At tournaments, athletes can perform various exercises and their combinations. Training is based on the improvement of different physical qualities on different days.

As part of the concept, the individual complex is selected according to the capabilities of the athlete.

Basic rules of training

In general, such Crossfit options can be mentioned:

  • maximum intensity for every workout;
  • high frequency of training;
  • minimum rest between exercises (and best of all – its complete absence);
  • combination of various loads.

Thus everything to consider before gambling.

Crossfit in boxer’s buildup

The Crossfit exercise set is aimed to develop such necessary boxing qualities as speed, agility, endurance and strength. Ordinary training is not useful here, as the muscle definition is of little interest. The boxer’s hands must be fast, strong and enduring. For athletes engaged in this sport, Crossfit is profitable, because of a huge variety of complexes, implementation of which increases the overall functionality of the body, and influences results positively. With the help of circuit training, a boxer can focus on strength development, increase endurance or improve speed and other power qualities to prepare for future competitions.

There are many specialized exercises with a barbell, rubber, rope, with your own weight, etc.. Using them, coaches compile personal plans for each sportsman in a particular training period. 

Opposed to other sporting methods , it is most often performed in a time period close to the time of the boxing match. Speed effectiveness takes an essential part here too. As you can see, it has lot’s of pros for bettors to choose the person to gamble on.

Crossfit main boxing topics

cricket bet with ParimatchThe usual Crossfit boxer’s training should consist of exercises of different directions, for instance:

  • Technical skills’ workout. Crossfit for fighters is often performed in this style. Such drills can be taken anywhere and anytime. No additional equipment, simulators, sports shells are required. To choose the closest to the movements exercises performed during the fight (squats, lunges, pull-ups, burp, push-ups, etc.) and to practice them without stopping is the only thing that may be obligatory.
  • Full-scale strength training. Crossfit is perfect not only for boxers, but for MMA fighters and wrestlers. All these athletes must constantly move during the fights. For example, in MMA, where the duration of one round will vary from 2 to 4 minutes, you have to squat, do push-ups and twists, fix the opponent, pull him, etc. Therefore, it is desirable to learn to perform similar exercises with heavy weights. Here are some of them: press over your head a lot of weight, pulling a massive rope, throwing a tire or a stuffed ball, hammer blows on the fixed tire and moving heavy objects from place to place
  • Thrusting and benching presses. There are several types of such exercises that are suitable primarily for wrestlers, then for boxers. Crossfit for fighters has gained such popularity, in part, thanks to this style. It develops explosive strength and muscular endurance.
  • Strength exercises with a barbell. Boxing Crossfit is often held with a barbell in hand. There are some typical exercises included in all training programs: posturing and inclined traction, barbell pressing, making jerks from the place, performing squats with a barbell on his shoulders and lifting the barbell to the chest. 
  • Sprint case. Crossfit in MMA is also aimed at increasing the endurance level of the fighter. It can be represented with running for short and long distances, shuttle running, high-speed climbing stairs, etc. Cardio training may also be taken within the set.

All combined helps athletes to prepare and bettors to predict.

Key-note pros for a boxer

Here are its main advantages:

  • Development of willpower: It’s forbidden here to give up classes halfway without finishing. The initial round of the exercise complex must be completed without fail, even with breaking the previous record. The ability to change yourself, to do the impossible instilled by Crossfit is an obligatory quality for a real sportsman.
  • Body transformation. The high intensity of engagement allows one to shed excess weight without difficulty. Performing one exercise equals burning off about 1000 calories. If a boxer still eats properly, the results will not be long in coming.
  • Maximum effect in a short time.
  • Possibility of occupation both in a group and on a stand-alone basis.
  • Improvement of endurance and strength qualities. Crossfit boxers own solid muscle, an expressed muscular physical force.

Thus, Crossfit for boxers is best. It helps to develop exactly those qualities that are necessary for successful participation in fights. In addition, with the help of such training athletes may effectively increase muscle mass, strengthen the body as a whole, achieve high flexibility and endurance, etc.

So how will it help to place a bet?

It seems strange that any training system can play the role in sports betting, doesn’t it? in fact, it really does. 

Initially, in order to make the correct stake, each bettor makes a pre-match analysis, in which he compares both physical, moral and static metrics of every fighter. If in group sports it’s possible to do without serious in-depth examination, then in boxing it’s impossible. Exactly physical indicators have an incredibly large impact on the future result. By conducting a premature study of the boxer’s level of training before the fight, you will be able to understand whether it is worth gambling on him. Statistically, athletes who train according to the Crossfit system perform better than those who do not. It turns out that if you stay tuned in, the chances of making money on a bet increase dramatically. So it’s your call to bet or not.