Box betting: things to keep in mind

Boxing is an incredibly exciting sport. Its unpredictability and spectacularity attracts millions of people around the world. Let’s figure out how to make money on this.

How to bet online on boxing?

In spite of huge variety of bookmakers, usually plan of actions is similar:

  1. In the top line or the “Sports” section on the main menu, select Boxing;
  2. Choose the desired battle and click on it to open;
  3. Create a new bet protocol;
  4. Enter the sum of money and click “Bet”.
  5. Congratulations, your stake is done.

Boxing bet types

The variety of offered stakes depends on the popularity of the event. Talking about ordinary fights, it is limited to the result and the total, although there are other options, for instance:

  • The result is clearly a victory or a draw;
  • Total – it’s about prediction of precise number of rounds or duration of the fight;
  • Victory in a round – it’s gambling on the winner in a certain round;
  • Method of victory – it’s calculated by points, knockout, technical defeat, refusal, disqualification;
  • Other bets, such as knockdown (position in boxing, when the opponent falls as a result of the received blow, but within ten seconds rises and by the decision of the judge continues the fight).

Common boxing particularities

Before gambling, any bettor (it doesn’t matter experienced or fresher) has to mention such feature of earning on this sport:

  • Bookmakers sometimes overestimate the quotes for unknown boxers. Most of sets are mainly placed on the favorite, so due to the skew of the line, the odds change in favor of underdog;
  • If there is no draw offered by the bookmaker and no one wins the fight, the bet is returned. It is desirable to get acquainted with the rules of the agency in advance;
  • Focusing only on boxing is a bad idea. To gain on one-typed sports betting, it’s necessary to have a wide line and favorable odds. Today bookmakers fail to meet these requirements, so it is better to stake additionally on other martial arts, such as fights without rules;
  • The clear favorite may not take the fight seriously and not prepare for a fight. In a rematch, as a rule, the situation changes and a strong boxer confidently wins;
  • Injuries, operations, transitions to another weight category are common things for boxers. After an injury, the opponent has the cards in hands. In the new weight category it takes time to change tactics and adapt to new opponents.
  • Of particular importance is the pre-match training of the athlete and the general analysis of his physical, psychological and statistical indicators. To make a favorable bet you need to pay attention to the current boxer’s shape, as well as the system of training, by which he was preparing for a fight. It’s known that athletes who prefer Crossfit plans are much more likely to become winners.

So what is box betting about?

It’s actually easy to stake on boxing. It’s important to be able to analyze and take into account the particularities of the sport. Due to the variety of bet types, you can always find what you like. Just watch broadcasts and profit from it.