Wise staking: strategies for boxing

Nowadays boxing is a popular sport both among ordinary spectators and bettors. To learn how to profitably place boxing bets, let’s check out the basic schemes and tips.

The most common box betting strategies

However the victory can never be predicted in boxing, let’s get acquainted with the most popular betting strategies.

  1. Waiting

It’s about staking on the outsider until he wins. Here the odds usually exceed 10-12. The strategy is very risky, so you can bet on sums not exceeding 1-2% of the deposit.

  1. Kill two birds with one stone

It’s aimed to gamble in different bookmaker’s agencies on both fighters in order to get a guaranteed win. By the way, remember that as a rule american ones underestimate european boxers. Also in the US, fans make a lot of bets, creating an imbalance of offers. This is why inflated odds appear.

  1. Oscar Grind’s method

Here the sum of the initial bet on winning remains the same, but decreases on defeat. The minimum ratio is around two. 

  1. Buck the tiger –  stake on knockout

It’s about betting on the favorite’s knockout with a combination of catching up. If you win, the losses are recouped and you make a profit. The main thing is to choose the right fight, in which there are great chances for an early victory in the middle of the fight.

Gambling secrets for box bettors

To profit from the stake, it’s important to know some tips, for example:

  • Bet on a competent boxer who chooses the right tactics and distributes forces over the distance. A smart fighter will adapt to the opponent and begin to dictate their terms.
  • Build on commercial attractiveness of the athlete. Boxing is not only a sport and a show, but also a business. When a fighter is up-and-coming, he is open to head over to a professional level. 
  • Remember that refereeing’s injustice often appears.
  • Anthropometry is not a primitive way of estimating. Consider the natural weight, not the one obtained as a result of diet and exercise. Evaluate visually on weighing. Also, do not forget about the height and length of the arms.
  • Pay attention to the training system. As practice shows, the pre-match preparation of a boxer is of great importance for predicting the result of a fight. Statistically, those athletes training according to the Crossfit plans are much more likely to come in the winners.
  • Gamble on a strong-willed sportsman. Frequently the result of confrontation decides perseverance. Remember about will power. The winner is not the one who strikes, but the one who holds the punch. A strong nut is not always easy to break.
  • Don’t rely on punch power. A knockout is good, but only with the right opponent. A competent fighter will not let you in and will not allow him to be knocked out with one punch.
  • Before you bet on boxing, gather as much information and model the upcoming fight.

Striking the balance: what to do to succeed

Generally, box betting is not easy, but very intriguing. To be in the black, you should study described schemes in detail and conduct pre-match analytics. Nothing can be gained effortlessly. So think, bet and win.