Box staking: how to do it right

In recent years, the popularity of boxing has grown. By the same token its demand in betting has improved completely. Not to miss the opportunity to gain on it, let’s study out in box staking in details.

How to bet on boxing?

As in any sport staking, learning of the basic boxing principles and checking out available markets is the first step in puzzling out how to bet on it. Most fights belong to standard professional matches (10 three-minute rounds) or title battles (12 three-minute rounds), with special competitions within the Olympic Games (3 three-minute rounds) not taken into account. When the gambling event is chosen, it’s necessary to find bookmakers and here to select stake’s type.

The variety of outcomes to stake on

There are several options of a boxing match to gamble on:

  1. Knockout . After a knockdown, one of the fighters can’t get on his feet for as long as the referee counts to ten. In this case, the second one becomes the winner.
  2. Technical knockout. It’s when the referee stops the fight because of some injury caused by a punch. Here you can bet on the probability of such an outcome.
  3. Judge’s decision. One of the fighters wins for points received from judges. To stake on this outcome is appropriate too.
  4. Technical solution. The result of the fight is determined by points after injury.
  5. Disqualification. One of the fighters is subject to disqualification. Necessary to mention, it’s a rare case.

Tips for pre-match analysis

Research is a key factor in boxing betting. Since there are different weight classes, body types and game styles, it’s important to know the advantages of each fighter. Also analysis  of the information about their preparation before the fight is useful. 

To determine the winner, the recent physical shape of the fighter may not respond to the actual one. Moreover, an excellent winning list doesn’t indicate ideal fighting qualities, as a number of defeats doesn’t mean that the athlete is hopeless.

In this betting, it’s recommended to study information about how athletes compete against opponents with equal opportunities: in this case the strengths and weaknesses will describe ​​how two fighters can compare with each other.

Furthermore, while gambling on boxing, it’s strongly recommended to analyze the fight  from an objective point of view and draw your own conclusions if you managed to learn something that bookmakers don’t know, thus you’ll find opportunities for profit.

To pin down: perfect box betting scheme

Of course, there is no perfect gambling scheme, everything is very situational. The ability to analyze and logically link events and indicators is very important here. Boxing is an amazing sport, so just try, bet and fortune will favour you.